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Maybe I’m a bit crazy. Don’t judge me. Support me in my delusions.

Believe it or not, my decision to eventually live tiny percolated in my head after taking a course from Kathleen Nelson Troyer called From Clutter to Clarity. I’d been trying to reign in the devastation left from a longer-term health issue and a break up with someone who was a paper hoarder. I was reclaiming my space and thought this course would help keep me focused. The first month of the weekly course I was energized to get rid of things that no longer served me moving forward and healing. I was able to see holding onto things didn’t actually help me remember them and let’s face it, there’s some things best forgotten. By the end of the second time taking the course, it was clear to me that I would get a Tiny House.

Don’t ask why I came to that conclusion other than I am afflicted with If I Don’t See It, It Doesn’t Exist mentality. Looking back in my life more things never made me a happier person and often served to hold me back.

Then again, maybe it’s part of the delusion, but it’s a happy one!

I’ve struggled with a debilitating illness for six years. This has left me with limited energy, limited income and a hankering to get back to basics. I am recovering, albeit very slowly. I currently live on the Columbia River in a 1440 square foot manufactured home with three cats, one of which has special needs. I love my location, but my home I can do without. I want to live with less of almost everything.

I decided to move into a Tiny House on wheels to accomplish a few things:

  1. Reduce my expenses without throwing money away on renting an apartment (expensive in the Sonoma/Sebastopol/Santa Rosa area).
  2. Move to the Sonoma area to be closer to my older parents and family who have been incredibly supportive of me in this illness process.
  3. Continue on my healing journey, which feels like it won’t progress much further until I make some drastic environmental changes.
  4. Reduce the clutter in my life and move forward to clarity of purpose, health and life in general.
  5. Be more focused on my writing career and rebuilding my life as I continue to regain health.
  6. Have a freaking awesome adventure.
  7. Have the possibility to move as I see fit without giving up my “home” to do it.

There are a lot of blogs and books documenting other people’s decisions and processes transitioning to Tiny House living. This isn’t the focus of Dwell Tiny. Once I made the decision and saw it as a clearly viable option, all sorts of random things started floating around in my head. Some of them will be covered here. I might also visit a few Tiny Houses or include my decision making process, but mostly it’s a way to filter my own thoughts as well as hopefully hear what other people have gone through during transitions in their lives or to get the input of anyone who has something to say…