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The Other Day…

littlest wagon

My neighbor tows cars for a living. This means I see a variety of Tow Paraphernalia next door. I used to joke my neighbors were in Witness Protection. They are hardly ever there and occupants rotate a lot. One constant – they are all visited by two people in a heavily clad, but somewhat indistinguishable,… Read More

Tiny House Math

Tiny House Math Decision Flow Chart

Okay, don’t start hyperventilating. I am not talking about Math math, but rather following logic to come to a decision. This is often what I use to make decisions and sometimes it’s so lightening fast (and often stupid) that I have to track my steps after the fact to make sense of the Super Human… Read More

Tiny House Aesthetics

There are all kinds of Tiny Houses. Traditional, Victorian, gypsy wagon, boxy, modern, cargo container, whimsical and rustic. What you choose is up to your personality and desires. For me I am partial to the rustic modern look. This surprised me because I used to adore the Victorian and craftsman style homes. They have history… Read More

WTF a Tiny House

I had been looking at places to buy or rent near my parents. The Rents recently moved from Almaden, California to Santa Rosa. For the past year I intended to move closer to them. First of all, they are getting older and I’ve spent most of my adult life away from my family. I want… Read More