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The Other Day…

My neighbor tows cars for a living. This means I see a variety of Tow Paraphernalia next door. I used to joke my neighbors were in Witness Protection. They are hardly ever there and occupants rotate a lot. One constant – they are all visited by two people in a heavily clad, but somewhat indistinguishable, SUV. The Marshall Service no doubt. I’m not stupid. I’ve seen my share of In Plain Sight episodes.

Rarely does trash get put out on garbage day. So where does it all go and why is it disposed of in other ways if not to hinder the ability of Adrian Monk savant inspectors from picking through their private lives?

The other day a trailer sat before me on the street between my house and the Witness Protection House. I wondered how long this trailer was. It did not seem very large at all. Hardly large enough for an adult woman and three cats to build a house upon. At this point I could start hyperventilating. Instead I chose to delude myself that this trailer was SMALL and the house I would one day own would be LARGER – at least twice as long and perhaps wider. By some miracle of miracles the tow regulations of 8 feet 9 inches across and 13 feet tall won’t apply to me. I shall be special and imbued with a power to go under bridges I shouldn’t be able to. I shall be invisible to The Fuzz.

littlest wagon

When I look at photos of Tiny Houses for some reason a love of fisheye lenses abounds. Maybe they believe it will make the space look larger or wider or simply more spacious. Despite this, the cleverness of design really intrigues me. The ability to think with purpose and design for aesthetics and forethought.

I look forward to exploring this with you!

Until then I shall shut my eyes tight next time I glimpse a small trailer lest it should scare me off before I even get started.



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  • http://www.ihavecat.com I HAVE CAT

    Looking forward to hearing more about your neighbor! Scary! Hope that house wasn’t as small as it looked? Maybe it was an Alice in Wonderland kind of situation???!!!! Look forward to seeing posts of the cool Tiny Houses you’ve been finding! I didn’t even know Tiny Houses excited before you! =^^=

    • Dwell Tiny

      I don’t think it was an Alice in Wonderland situation… No magic chocolate at all! It was SMALL!