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littlest wagon

My neighbor tows cars for a living. This means I see a variety of Tow Paraphernalia next door. I used to joke my neighbors were in Witness Protection. They are hardly ever there and occupants rotate a lot. One constant – they are all visited by two people in a heavily clad, but somewhat indistinguishable,… Read More

Tiny House Math

Tiny House Math Decision Flow Chart

Okay, don’t start hyperventilating. I am not talking about Math math, but rather following logic to come to a decision. This is often what I use to make decisions and sometimes it’s so lightening fast (and often stupid) that I have to track my steps after the fact to make sense of the Super Human… Read More

WTF a Tiny House

I had been looking at places to buy or rent near my parents. The Rents recently moved from Almaden, California to Santa Rosa. For the past year I intended to move closer to them. First of all, they are getting older and I’ve spent most of my adult life away from my family. I want… Read More