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There are all kinds of Tiny Houses. Traditional, Victorian, gypsy wagon, boxy, modern, cargo container, whimsical and rustic. What you choose is up to your personality and desires. For me I am partial to the rustic modern look. This surprised me because I used to adore the Victorian and craftsman style homes. They have history and are just the right amount of quirky.

I think I’ve changed my design inclination for a few reasons. The most glaringly obvious is that I long for something clear, crisp and uncluttered. Keep in mind when I say “uncluttered” I am not saying I am super non-cluttered even in the best of times. When I mean is that everything should have a place and I should not have to look at it all the time.

I like the clean lines of modern homes with large windows, but I also like the warmth and charm of rustic design. I am also huge on clever reuse of materials and this falls right into the modern rustic design category. Using things that were created for one thing and applying them to other uses with creative flare and taste rocks my world.

A box and some industrial piping becomes a bathroom vanity.

Or reclaimed pallet wood becomes a type of pocket desk (you’d just have to recess the desk).

When I went to college I lived in an old Victorian. I adored it. The high loft ceilings added space. The bay windows added depth and light. What I enjoyed most was the odd little hidden nooks and crannies. Under our sink was a hidden compartment, last filled in the early 1900’s, estimated by the newspaper lining. A door that should have led somewhere didn’t. Another wall panel opened up to show a stashed closet. It was like an Easter egg hunt of exploration every day.

But these are all elements that I could incorporate into a Tiny House. I’m going to need tons of storage, but also hidden spaces… Well, everything but the door going to nowhere. I still can’t quite figure that one out…



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